Bylaws Revision



 Per BYLAWS OF SOUTHEAST COLORADO POWER ASSOCIATION Article XI, Section 5 – Bylaws Changes, the Board of Directors will be implementing the following revisions effective January 1, 2017:



SECTION 4 – Quorum, Paragraph 1

[CURRENT]  A quorum for the transaction of official business as stated in the notice of the meeting shall consist of 100 memberships actually present in person or by mail in ballot.  If less than a quorum for the transaction of business is present at meeting of the members, a majority of those present in person may adjourn the meeting from time to time without further notice.

 [REVISED]  A quorum for the transaction of official business as stated in the notice of the meeting shall be declared and established by a majority vote registered by a show of hands from members actually present in person.  If a quorum is not declared and established, the meeting will be considered adjourned but can continue for informational purposes only.

 PURPOSE:  Despite efforts to implement membership feedback on dates, venues, activities and/or locations of annual meetings, achieving a quorum has proven more challenging in recent years.  It is important that official business of the association be transacted on a dependable basis.  This language fosters that objective by designating those members present as good faith representatives of the membership as a whole.  This will not change any notification or information availability to membership or the desire to have as many members as possible attend annual meetings. 

SECTION 5 – Voting, Paragraph 5

[RELOCATED FROM SECTION 4, Paragraph 2]: Nothing herein shall prevent those physically present at an annual meeting from acting on advisory, non-binding resolutions brought forth at the meeting. 

PURPOSE:  This represents a more logical placement of this language.  No wording changes are being made and the only content change is the additional paragraph within this section.

The Board of Directors welcomes any questions or comments regarding these revisions by emailing, visiting or calling 719-383-1341.