Budget Billing

You may want to take advantage of Southeast Colorado Power’s budget billing plan to pay for your electric service.

The plan features:

  • Equal monthly payments.
  • No fluctuations with seasonal changes.
  • Predetermined payment amounts.
  • The monthly budget amount is based on of your most recent twelve months’ bills; may be adjusted to reflect any rate increase, which may become effective during the twelve-month period.
  • Each month you will receive an electric bill indicating your electric usage and status of your account.
  • The settlement month at the end of twelve months determines the difference between the total payments made and your actual billings for the twelve-month period. Any over-payment or underpayment will be considered when calculating the budget amount for the following year.
  • The monthly budget amount can be adjusted if there is a rate change or if your electric usage patterns change substantially.
  • If you have no outstanding or delinquent amounts owed to the Association, and have at least one year usage history, you are eligible for the budget-billing plan.
  • You may elect to terminate the plan at any time by notifying us in writing and paying the balance of the account.

Please call our office at 800-332-8634 or e-mail billing@secpa.com to request more information about this service.