Eligible Installation Tri-State Specifications Electrify and Save (Tri-State Rebates) SECPA Rebate/Specs
Electric Heat Pump (air source)--for residential and commercial
  • Tier 1 (Standard ASHP) required HSPF greater < =9.0 and SEER > =15
  • Tier 2 (Cold-Climate ASHP) required HSPF > + 10.0 and SEER >+16
  • Incentive amount is the lower of stated rebate or 50% or equipment cost.
  • Tier 1 $675 < = 2 tons
  • Tier 2 $1000 < =2 Tons and $2400 > 2 Tons
  • Air-to-water unites will be taken on a case by case basis
  • $25/ton with electric resistance backup
  • $25/ton central air source with non-electric backup
Electric Heat Pump: Ground Source incentive
  • EnergyStar Rating not required
  • New ore replacement ground source heat pumps with closed-loop or open-loop water source heat pumps qualify
  • $500 per ton for new systems
  • $250 per ton for replacement systems
  • $100 per unit for ground source heat pump powered hot water (a.k.a desuperheater)
  • $50/ton for central units
  • $50/unit additional incentive for Energy Star Rating (minimum 3 tons)
Commercial LED lighting
  • Includes exterior wall mounted lighting, exterior pole mounted lighting, refrigerated case lighting, and interior lighting
  • For both new construction and retrofits
  • Designs Lights Consortium certification required
  • One project per category, per member-owner account per year
  • Pre-set incentive amount by fixture type
  • Pole mounted lighting cap of $20,000 or 25% of total LED head cost per project/account
  • Refrigerated case lighting cap of $3,000 or 50% of total LED fixture cost per project/account
  • All other retrofit or new construction fixture/bulb types have a combined cap of $20,000 or 50% of LED fixture cost
Residential LED Lamps and Fixtures
  • LED light bulbs, lamps or fixtures 500 lumens or greater
  • Medium GU24 or other residential/light commercial oriented base or fixtures with integrated LEDs
  • Lower of
  • $8/lamp or fixture
  • 50% of the lamp/fixture cost
  • Member-owner account cap of 50 lamps per year
Electric resistance and heat pump water heaters---residential and commercial
  • 30 gallon minimum size requirement
  • Electric resistance units replacing propane or natural gas
  • Electric resistance units in a member system managed program
  • Heat-pump units must be Energy Star rated
  • Electric resistance for new construction
  • $50/electric resistance unit (see qualifications in general specifications)
  • Managed programs include member system led demand response control or time of use electric rate
  • $350/unit for air source heat pump units
  • $30/electric resistance for new construction
Basic Unit

  • $200/unit for switching from fossil fuel to electric
  • $1 per unit gallon for electric to electric replacement
  • $50/unit additional incentive for 6 year tank warranty

Heat Pump (geothermal)

  • $20/unit

Heat Pump (air source)

Refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers – Energy Star Rated
  • Appliances include:  induction cooktops, refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, and recycling
  • Member-owners may recycle up to 2 refrigerators per year
  • All appliances except induction cooktops must be Energy Star rated.  A list of qualifying equipment is available at
  • Induction cooktops must have a surface of at least 30 inches in width to qualify
  • $30/unit refrigerators or freezers
  • $60/unit additional for refrigerators/freezer recycling (copy of proof)
  • $40/unit for front load clothes washers
  • $30/unit for top load clothes washers
  • $30/unit for clothes dryers
  • $90/unit for hybrid clothes dryer (vent-less)
  • $100/unit for induction cooktop replacing electric
  • $350/unit for induction cooktop replacing propane/natural gas or new construction
  • $50/unit for refrigerators or freezers
  • $50/unit for clothes washers
  • $40/unit for dishwashers
Premium Efficiency Irrigation Motors
  • $2/HP
Variable Speed Drive (VFD) retrofit
  • If a new motor is installed at the same time, it may qualify for a separate motor incentive 
  • Replacement of existing VSDs, for maintained or other purposes, does not qualify
  • Soft start kits added to existing motors are not eligible for this rebate
Sliding scale for incentives from $1600 to $6800
Lesser of:

  • 50% of the VSD equipment costs or
  • Per project cap of $20,000
  • Please refer to table of incentives for specific motor horsepower
Low income weatherization
  • Package may include:  Insulation, windows/doors, caulking, sealing and weather-stripping
  • If Energy Star Appliances and other eligible residential measures are included in the project, they can also be submitted on the low income weatherization application and will not count towards the weatherization incentive limits
  • Tri-State will reimburse local weatherization agency approved installation measures up to:
  • $500 single family with electric heat source
  • $250 Single family with non-electric heat source
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) and Thermal Slab
  • 1 kW Minimum qualifying load
  • $16/kW for ETS units controlled by timers or master control system
  • $12 kW for slabs controlled by timers or master control systems
$4/kW for ETS units
Smart Thermostat
  • Thermostat must be WiFi network capable and installed at member consumer account
  • Limit of 2 Thermostats per member account for standard/low-voltage applications
  • Limit of 5 thermostats per member account for line-voltage applications
  • $25/thermostat
  • $50 single family with electric heat source
  • $250 single family with non-electric heat source


Whole House Fan
  • Replacement or new installations
  • Attic ventilation systems do not qualify
  • $100/unit
Outdoor power equipment electrification
  • Battery and corded electric equipment only
  • Members limited to one rebate per product except e-bikes
  • An aggregated maximum rebate of $300 per member account excludes riding law mowers
  • 25% of cost up to $1000 for riding mower
  • 25% of cost up to $150 for snow blowers, walk-behind mowers and e-bikes
  • 25% of cost up to $100 for chainsaws
  • 25% of cost up to $50 for trimmers, leaf blowers & power washers
  • 50% cost up to $25 for additional batteries with original purchase/application
Electric vehicle chargers
  • Member systems and member consumers are eligible for rebates
  • Member systems and member consumers are required to comply with all applicable building and electric codes
  • All equipment and installation costs are required to be submitted on one application
  • One rebate per installed charger; multiple charge ports do not qualify for multiple rebates
  • Managed charger programs include member system led demand response control or time of use electric rate.
  • No retail sale or fee collection capability
  • 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $500 for non-managed chargers
  • 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $1000 for manager chargers
Energy Efficiency Credit Applications & Certifications
All appliances must be energy star rated to qualify for a rebate.

* An IRS  Form W-9 must be submitted with rebate request.