Green Power

In response to our members' request, Southeast Colorado Power Association is offering its members a choice to buy power generated by wind - a virtually limitless, renewable energy resource.

The power to choose

By selecting part of your power through Southeast Colorado Power's Green Power program, you can make a difference in today's world.

What is the cost of wind energy?

Wind energy is available in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks. You can choose how many blocks you would like to purchase - from as little as one block to as much as your total electrical use. Each block will be added to your monthly electric bill. See Rate Schedule R  for detailed rate charges.

Why is there an added charge for wind energy?

At this time, the costs of research and development for wind energy are higher than most other sources of power. As more customers choose wind-generated electricity, costs may go down.

Where do your energy electrons come from?

Through arrangements with other utilities that supply wind-generated electricity, Southeast Colorado Power can offer you this choice to meet part of your electricity usage. Given the nature of how electricity flows, no one can tell which electrons you're getting at any given time. We do, however, guarantee the wind energy kilowatt-hours you purchase replace the amount of fossil fuel that would be used to generate the equivalent kilowatt-hours to meet your demand.

Green Power Contract

The member will pay the regular rate for these kilowatt-hours, please see Rate Schedule R  for each block purchased. This permits the member to make all or a portion of their monthly electrical consumption green. This opportunity is available on a first-come, first served basis. When all of Tri-State's available green power is sold out, they will solicit requests for additional renewable power sources.

Green Power Forms

Please fill out the following forms:

For more information, please contact SECPA at 719-384-2551 or by email