Net Metering

SECPA Net Metering encourages small-scale renewable energy projects

SECPA's Net Metering Tariff  allows operators of small generation systems (10 kilowatts or less for residential or 25 kilowatts for non-residential) to feed their power into the electric grid and spin their meters backwards. (Systems exceeding 10 kilowatts for residential or 25 kilowatts for non-residential may be considered by Net Metering Contract). This policy may eliminate the need for members to integrate costly batteries into their system; it sets member generated kWh usage at retail rate value and helps to ensure a safe installation for both the customer and utility workers.

Net Metering Details:

  1. One electric meter allowed to "spin backwards" per location.
  2. Customer's generation must be intended to offset part or all of their electrical energy needs at that location.
  3. Net excess generation carried over from one month to the next (banked).
  4. If credit exists at the end of a 12 month period a check or bill credit is issued (See Net Metering Tariff).
  5. For residential renewable systems of not more than 10 kilowatts
  6. For non residential renewable systems of not more than 25 kilowatts.

Net Metering Tarriff & Contract

Please fill out the Net Metering Contract Form:

For more information contact SECPA at 719-384-2551 or by email