Effective in 2020, residential rebates for LED lamps will no longer be available. Any lamps in 2019 will qualify for the rebate, but the forms must be turned in to SECPA by Monday December 23, 2019 to qualify for the current incentive.

Eligible Installation Tri-State Specifications Tri-State Rebate SECPA Rebate/Specs
Electric Heat Pump (central air source)
  • Minimum 15 SEER
  • Minimum 1 ton
  • Energy Star rating not required
  • $300/ton for units rated from 15-17 SEER
  • $450/ton for units greater than 17 SEER
  • $100/unit additional incentive for central air source with integrated controlled ETS backup in lieu of a separate ETS incentive
  • $85/unit for terminal units (through-the-wall mounted heat pumps)
  • $25/ton with electric resistance backup
  • $25/ton central air source with non-electric backup
Electric Heat Pump: Central Ground (Water or Closed Loop) Source
  • Minimum 3/4 ton (9000Btuh) to receive an incentive
  • Energy Star rating not required
  • $500/ton
  • $50/ton for central units
  • $50/unit additional incentive for Energy Star Rating (minimum 3 tons)
Energy Star Air Conditioners
  • $100/unit split systems Energy Star rated air conditioners from 15 to 16 SEER
  • $150/unit split system Energy Star rated air conditioners over 16 SEER
Split System AC units 14.5 SEER and 12 EER
Pre-Authorized Commercial LED lighting
  • LED only
  • Includes exterior wall mounted lighting, exterior pole mounted lighting, refrigerated case lighting, and interior lighting
  • Used for both retrofit and new construction projects
  • One project per member owner account per year
  • Pre-set amount by fixture type as outlined in spreadsheet available through SECPA
  • Pole-mounted lighting cap of $20,000 or 25% of total LED head cost per project/account
  • Refrigerated case lighting cap of $3000 or 50% of total LED fixture cost per project/account
  • All other retrofit or new construction fixture types have a combined cap of $20,000 or 50% of LED fixture cost, per project/account
Energy Star LED lamps
  • 500 lumens or greater
  • Medium, GU24 or other residential/light commercial oriented base
  • Qualified LED fixtures
  • Lower of
  • $8/lamp or fixture
  • 50% of the lamp/fixture cost
  • Per account cap of 50 lamps per year
Electric Water Heaters and heat pump water heaters
  • Energy Star residential unit or any commercial installation
  • Electric resistance water heater – 30 to 55 gallon only, $30/unit, $20/unit additional incentive for lifetime tank warranty
  • Air source heat pump water heater - $350/unit, 30 gallon minimum
  • Ground source heat pump powered or waste heat – Any size qualifies, $100/unit for primary heating by direct exchange ground source or heat pump waste heat (a.k.a. desuperheater), $25/unit additional incentive for lifetime tank warranty
Basic Unit

  • $200/unit for switching from fossil fuel to electric
  • $1 per unit gallon for electric to electric replacement
  • $50/unit additional incentive for 6 year tank warranty

Heat Pump (geothermal)

  • $20/unit

Heat Pump (air source)

Refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers – Energy Star Rated
  • Must be Energy Star rated
  • $30/unit refrigerators or freezers
  • $60/unit additional for refrigerators/freezer recycling (copy of proof)
  • $40/unit for front load clothes washers
  • $30/unit for top load clothes washers
  • $30/unit for clothes dryers
  • $90/unit for hybrid clothes dryer (vent-less)
  • $20/unit for dishwashers
  • $50/unit for refrigerators or freezers
  • $50/unit for clothes washers
  • $40/unit for dishwashers
Premium Efficiency Irrigation Motors
  • Motor sizes 10 to 500 HP
  • Limited to irrigation motors
  • Operating at minimum of 15% load factor or 3 months per year
  • Table available listing minimum motor efficiencies
  • $8/HP
  • $1.50/HP wiring assistance if the motor replaces a fossil fuel engine or is a new installation
  • $2/HP
Variable Speed Drive (VFD) retrofit
  • Program includes: irrigation, farm, commercial and industrial uses
  • Only retrofits to existing installations, no new and maintenance replacements
  • Motors from 25 and up
Sliding scale for incentives from $1600 to $6800
Lesser of:

  • 50% of the VSD equipment costs or
  • Per project cap of $20,000
  • Please refer to table of incentives for specific motor horsepower
Low income weatherization
  • Provide incentives to member systems that participate with their state’s Low Income Weatherization program
  • Package may include: insulation, windows, caulking and entrance doors, CFL’s, etc.
  • 50/50 match with member systems
  • Cap of $500 for Tri-State participation per member-owner account
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) and Thermal Slab
  • 1 kW Minimum qualifying load
  • $16/kW for ETS units controlled by timers or master control system
  • $12 kW for slabs controlled by timers or master control systems
$4/kW for ETS units
Energy Efficiency Credit Applications & Certifications
All appliances must be energy star rated to qualify for a rebate.  Energy_Star

* An IRS  Form W-9 must be submitted with rebate request.